Tuesday, December 2, 2014



Time out for Mom


Tuesday, December 2nd/14
It's now officially December and the countdown to Christmas has begun in our home! 
What are some of your favourite pre-holiday preparations? 

Our traditions have changed over the years as the children have grown and our parents have left us.

One tradition that has been around forever is celebrating on Christmas Eve. This is our German side of the family. It includes a big turkey dinner followed by the opening of gifts. My MIL always gave the children a new pair of pyjamas which they insisted on wearing to bed. Since my MIL passed away my daughter C carries on the tradition with her nieces and nephews.

The outside house is decorated and the lights are timed to come on at approx. 4:30pm. Trust me when I say we have really down sized our lights. At one time my BIL J quipped that Santa would have no trouble finding our house because we had more lights than NORAD.

In 1989 we made a trip to Michigan with the kids and were caught up in many detours. One of these detours took us to a small village that was having a street fair. I found a “Santa on a stick” which was a Santa face on a 6 foot stick. This Santa became the beginnings of a lot of stick-ems on our lawn. Today we have a Santa in a sleigh and a reindeer pulling the sleigh. Poor Santa on a stick just wore himself out.

Let’s get ready for Christmas!