Thursday, March 29, 2012


Once again it's time for Five Question Friday hosted by:

1. What giveaway would you like to do on your blog?

I don’t give anything away on my blogs.

2. If you had to choose between natural artistic ability and natural athletic ability, which would it be?

I would rather have natural artistic ability because I would love to have been able to visualize colour schemes and draw.

3. Do you ditch the coat the minute it becomes "spring" or are you a holdout for more cool temps?

This year I have 5 different coats on the go.  They range from my heavy winter coat which I wear walking, my driving winter coat, my fleece-lined raincoat, my unlined raincoat and my spring jacket.  There have even been days where a little sweater will do.  I believe there will still be a snowfall in our future.

4. What would you do if you won the mega millions lotto of 1/2 billion dollars?

I would share with my children; take more of my bucket list trips which include Australia, New Zealand and Japan; buy another car and fix the basement of our house

5. You are at a hotel by yourself...what do you do?

I would take a bubble bath that would last for hours; order room service and watch the televisions I want to watch

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