Friday, March 2, 2012



It is that time of the week where I write about my week.  It has been an amazing week as we have travelled on the MS Ryndam through another part of the Caribbean.  I can honestly say that I would have no problem making a cruise ship my home.  The ports of call were interesting but our holiday has been about the people we have encountered.

There are so many activities on the ship besides breakfast lunch and dinner. D H and I have participated in Tai Chi classes as well Sit and Be Fit and Aquafit.  We have tried line dancing as well as our ballroom dancing.  We could have joined in the classes for rhumba, cha cha and tango however they were very basic and would have been out of place.  It was fun to encourage others though.

It has been nice sitting by the pool in the afternoon and playing scrabble even though D H does not let me win.  We will play cribbage because I stand a better chance. 

We have met people from Canada and the United States.  We even had a Canadian cocktail party last night with about 100 Canadians participating.  One lady who lives in Mississauga spends her evenings with us in the Ocean Bar where do all of our dancing.  As soon as we walk in the band plays “Fascination” which I requested last week.  The band also plays at least one Tango for us as well.

As we enter the bar the wait staff has our ice water on the table waiting for us with a jar of peanuts or mixed nuts. We do leave the dance floor once in a while.  We had the pleasure of watching the √Ćndonesian staff perform a concert for us.  It was wonderful.  There is a lot of talent on this ship.

Cruising is a perfect retirement venue.  I really will miss it when we return home.  We do look forward to seeing our family even though we talk about our kids and grandkids to anyone who will listen. Watch for my Sunday in the City blog tomorrow.

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  1. Glad to see that my inheritance that you're spending is making you happy...

    I'll have to show you how to put a count down clock on the blog so you can count down to your summer cruise...