Friday, March 16, 2012



Once again, I am sharing a little bit about myself with questions posted by:

1. Will you run to the store or to pick up a kid looking a mess?

Not any more.  Since being retired we walk every where and when my grandchildren are dirty they can wait for their bath time which includes bubbles at Grammy’s


2. Do you finish a book if it's boring or you don't like it?

No time is too precious to waste on a boring book. I have always read for pleasure.  I found an excellent book on board the ship’s library which surprised me.

3. Beach or mountain vacations?

I am not a beach person because I burn very easily however I will cruise anywhere and plan to see the fjords of Norway in the summer.

4. What thing/event says "winter will end and spring is right around the corner" to you?

Easter has always been a favourite holiday for me so the arrival of the bunny is a good sign.  I also have 2 children and 3 grandchildren with spring birthdays which is also a cause for celebration.

5. Would you prefer couples or family vacation?

Our vacations are taken as a couple and we visit our family so both are the way to go.  It would be wonderful if our whole family could take a cruise with us someday.


  1. My daughter calls my mom "grammy" too. I love it! We're going on our first cruise in July to Greece! I'm so excited!!

  2. A cruise to see the Norwegian fjords! That sounds fantastic!