Friday, March 16, 2012



The end of the week has finally arrived.  This week was a little slower than last week.  It was March break for the school children.  Traffic was lighter and the weather is fantastic.  DH and I have managed to walk every day.  We only drove the car to go dancing and to pickup the ladder from our daughter C. Good thing because the price of gas is $1.28 a litre.

Next week will be busier but I’ll tell about it next week.  We got good news on the cruise we booked for next February.  Our travel agent got us some extras like a dinner at the expensive restaurant, a cabin credit and free drinks.  She also saved another $400 off the price we were quoted on the ship.

We also planning the trips we want to take on the cruise this summer.  Most of the time we will be docked and walk off the ship.  Public transit is wonderful in Europe.  Most cities offer a Hop-on-Hop off bus.  We used this mode of transportation when we were in Sweden and it was very worthwhile.  We actually travelled the full length and studied the places we wanted to get off then went back to see them.

I am also back to crocheting my baby blankets.  We haven’t heard of as many babies this year but I will be ready anyway.  We are now celebrating all of the first birthdays from last years crop.

DH has been in the garden and has uncovered some growth.  Please check Sunday in the City to see what he has found.

I hope your week was as satisfying as mine.  Enjoy this weather everyone.