Thursday, December 6, 2012





This Week's prompt: Loss


I am starting this blog a little bit later as I took my time pondering this topic. In my 61 years I have had many losses so it is difficult to pick just one. So I won’t!

I was going to start this blog with my first loss however I got to thinking about the first I was actually impacted by someone’s death. The first time was when my Aunt Marion was killed in a car accident. Aunt Marion was a favourite aunt as well as one of my mother’s best friends. Aunt Marion had been her Matron of Honour. her death sticks out because it was the first time I became aware of psychic powers that are in our family. We were shopping with my mother and we were tired however Mom would not leave the store until had a Black hat. We waited for her to find the hat and have it sized. As tired and whiny as we were Mom made us wait because she knew she would need the hat and would be in no shape to buy it. The hat was bought 3 days before we lost Aunt Marion and mother was definitely not able to make decisions.

My first real loss came when I was 18 years old. A close friend of ours, Debbie was killed in a boating accident. She was my sister P’s best friend. Debbie and my sister were swimming when a boat came too close. My sister, being the better swimmer was able to dive deeper than Debbie. Unfortunately Debbie never survived. Although her death had a terrible impact on all of us, her loss was felt worst by my sister. This loss was life changing. My sister made the decision to pursue medicine and has become an extremely successful doctor. Life at the cottage became quieter as everyone put away the power boats and got into canoes. It was also the end of our carefree summers.

The other person who was most influential in my life was my Grandmother. I was the eldest daughter of her eldest daughter. I have her name as my middle name. She was my life saviour. I don’t think I would be here today because my Mom would have killed me if not for Grandma’s influence. To put in mildly, I was a horrible teenager. Somehow Grandma could talk me down with a cup of tea and a cookie. She may have been 4 foot 11 inches but she was a strong woman. When she passed away she left me her string of pearls. I wear those pearls to every family function. She has been with me when everyone of my children have been married as well as the christenings of my grandchildren. When there is trouble Grandma will often let me know in my dreams. She somehow still keeps me focused on family and LOVE!

Over the years many wonderful people have passed through my life. Everyone has helped to set a course for me to follow. They may not be with us but they are not forgotten.