Monday, December 10, 2012



Tuesday, Dec. 11th Topic:

Hostess with the Mostest!

With the holiday season upon us, the time for spreading cheer is here. It's more than likely that many of us will either be attending holiday parties, or hosting one ourselves. Share your tried and true holiday appetizer, your go-to festive cocktail/mocktail, the best hostess gift you gave or received....or even the worst. Let's Party!

We just had a wonderful Open House for family and friends on Sunday afternoon. It seems to be the only way we get to see people during the holidays. We stay home and they come to us. Of course there are a few expectations when our guests arrive.

The strawberry daiquiri punch which D H makes is a crowd pleaser. We used the last of the fresh strawberries from the freezer as well the Mix which we import for the US. Always on everyone’s lips is the Spinach Dip. A tried and true  crowd pleaser. There were the usual cheese and crackers, vegetables with dip and fruit with dip.

The children loved the cookies with snowman and christmas trees on them. The chocolate chews, macaroons and melt in your mouth shortbread were for the parents.

Everyone had lots to drink and the TV fireplace channel kept us cozy and warm as christmas songs were heard quietly playing in the background.

The children loved the back bedroom that was converted into a playroom. E supervised the little ones and shared the toys she considers hers. The stroller was a huge hit as well as the train and hairdressing doll. The other dollies were fed and doctored.

We were exhausted however D H wants to plan one for next year.