Thursday, July 18, 2013



If you have come to my blog to see Pondering with a Purpose with Brenda Youngerman you be disappointed. Brenda is taking a bit of a break so I don’t have a link. However a few of my blog readers have come looking for me so until Brenda is back I am going to write about some of our travel plans.

It is only 26 days until we live for our European cruise. This cruise is to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. Originally we wanted an Alaskan cruise however the one we wanted was not offered this year. We are going to Ireland, Scotland and Norway this time. We will joined by our bets friends M and N and D and M.

Our trip will start with a flight to Amsterdam on Iceland Air. D H has booked a hotel in Amsterdam that is built right above the train station called the Ibis. We hope to see windmills and tulips as well as the canals. Both M and N and ourselves have spent some time in Amsterdam so we will be great tourist guides for D and M.

The last time we were in Amsterdam we took the “Hop On, Hop Off” canal boat as well as walked the downtown streets. Hopefully we can do this and more. This a picture we took last year from the boat.