Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Hodgepodge Questions

Here are the questions to this week's Hodgepodge. 

1. What's something people might ask you for help with?

I usually get asked to babysit. I also crochet baby blankets and knit baby outfits so my family keep me busy with their requests.

2. What's something you might ask someone else for help with?

I am a little challenged in the height department so I usually wait for my tall son or one of his friends come by to reach the places I would have to use a step stool or ladder.

3.  Did your family take summer vacations when you were a child? If so, where did you go? If you're a parent, did/do you plan summer vacations with your own family? Did/do they resemble those you took as a child?

From the time I was 9 years old my parents owned a cottage and we lived there all summer and we stayed from the day school got out until the day school started again however we did have a summer vacation the year before the cottage was built. We travelled to Western Canada and visited my father’s relatives.

My children also spent time at the cottage however we never really took summer vacations with our children.

4.   Pool-lake-ocean...which one is most appealing to you on a hot summer day?

I would prefer a lake  to a pool. We don’t live close to an ocean.

5.  Have you ever justified using the expression, 'you gotta be cruel to be kind'?  Was it really necessary or were you rationalizing?

I don’t think I have ever been cruel to be kind. I keep most of my opinions to myself.

6.  The Journal of Psychology recently mentioned the results of a survey identifying the ten most hated foods as-liver, lima beans, mayonnaise, mushrooms, eggs, okra, beets, brussel sprouts, tuna, and gelatin.  Of those foods, how many do you actually hate? Anything you'd add to the list?

I actually like brussel sprouts once in a while. Everything else on the list I agree with.

7. What's your favourite book or movie set in a beach or lake town?

I Loved the movie “Beaches” with Bette Midler.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

July has proven to be a much calmer month. We have had a busy week though. On Monday an old friend came to lunch and we had a wonderful gabfest. Tuesday we met another friend for a theatre trip and dinner. We saw a fabulous musical called “Big Band Legends”. We will definitely plan more trips to the theatre as it is almost an equal drive for each of us. Again another gabfest. Today we will be having lunch with another friend as well as babysitting our grandchildren. Our documents are ready for our cruise in August so we will pick them up and meet our new travel agent. Our old agent retired in February.

This is definitely a slower pace than June. Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

I still have a few pictures from our 40th anniversary to share:

IMG_6019    IMG_6073