Thursday, April 12, 2012




1. Who mows your grass?

D H cuts the grass – we have a postage stamp front yard and the grass is like a picture frame around the circle of flowers

2. Do you have a picture wall or picture gallery in your house (show us! <--- my addition to the question)?

Yes we have pictures mostly in our bedrooms

3. What book has influenced your thinking the most? Or, what blog? (I want to read what gets people thinking!)

The book that has influenced me the most is a memories book written by mother.  She has an interesting way with the events that happened to her and her family.

4. Do you have allergies? If so, how do you handle it this time of year?

My allergies are year round such as eggs, pineapple and seafood although I am bothered by spring flowers such as Easter lilies and daffodils.  I just avoid them.

5. What's your go to meal to cook in an hurry?

Macaroni and cheese.  D H is the cook in the family but I make a mean macaroni and cheese from scratch.

I would like to add to my blog today a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY FATHER.  He turns 85 years young.

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