Saturday, April 21, 2012



This has been a roller coaster week.  We have had our ups and downs and very thankful to be retired.  We shared the loss of a grandfather, father-in-law and neighbour who had lived a long and generous life. We shared our grief with the family we are very close to.

It was good to see everyone again however we prefer the happier times of weddings and birthdays.

I caught up with my friends in the office when I attended the retiree luncheon on Tuesday. I shared my scrapbook with them. I promise to make one of our cruise.

I empathize with the changes that have taken place. Downsizing sucks. Their new work environment is making everyone wish for an early retirement.

We also had bad news regarding W’s parents and the trip they had planned to take for our granddaughter R’s birthday.  They have to stay home as they have found something in the heart test.

Let’s hope it not too serious and they will be able to travel again soon.

Our best friends’ father D is hopefully going to recover from his heart attack that put him hospital last week.

Again we send our thoughts and prayers for a speeding recovery.

With all of the bad news and the health issues this week we are glad we made the decision to take life at a slower pace and the world around us.

We made the last payment on our 35 day cruise this week.

What ever you chose to do “Do it soon”!  Life is too Precious!