Sunday, April 29, 2012



Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me
Here are FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered!
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Acting Balanced

And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Finish this sentence - The last movie I saw in the theater was...

“Because I said so” with Diane Keaton

2. Do you have any idiosyncrasies?

According to D H we wouldn’t be human without idiosyncrasies. One would be that I cry during some commercials.

3. What is your favourite clothing store to shop at?

I am an outlet girl and will shop for the best value.  I used buy a lot of my clothes at “Cleos” when i was working.

4. What fun things do you have planned for the week ahead?

D H is getting a new camera. We have our last Tango dance class and we hoping for more great walking weather

And don't forget to add a 5th Question on your own blog so we can answer as we hop around!

My 5th questions is": Do you have a pet peeve?


  1. Sounds like a fun week! I would love a new camera! :)

    I do have a pet peeve, several actually! lol

    Here are a few:
    People who do not use their turn signals!
    People who are in big trucks yet insist on turning into a parking lot at 2mph!!!!
    TOLL ROADS when I already pay taxes!

    1. I agree1 You have picked some of pet peeves as well

  2. Tango class sounds like a lot of fun...wish I could talk DH into something like that!!

  3. My pet peeve is people who act without thinking.