Monday, April 9, 2012



As I mentioned last week D H and I went to 2 travel shows.  The travel companies specialize in all-inclusive holidays. They include the air fare, the pick ups from the house and all of the meals and tours.  They do all of the planning for you for a price.  They have all of the worry and supply all of the fun. Both companies are Canadian and family owned.

The first show was with “Jerry Van Dyke” tours. They offer quality, value and peace of mind.  They have made arrangements with families all over the world to help them.  They really emphasized their river cruises.  They only travel during the day.  Their boats are smaller so that guests can stay on the sun deck as they cruise through the river.  They work out to about $500 a day per person.  They do not cover health insurance.  Their show was informative however the coffee was not very good.  If we win the lottery we will definitely be able to afford their services.

The second show was with “Denure” tours. They specialize in bus trips and discussed their North American packages.  They also work with “Holland America” for their cruises.  We liked their itinerary.  They also took their time when they travelled so the paces were slower.  Their trips were about $300 a day per person.  One advantage is we could still gain our mariner points on the cruises. They served tea, coffee and muffins.

Both companies have given us a lot to think about.  We know where we can plan for the future particularly when driving our own car is not possible.  These 2 companies are on the web so if you are interested you can look them up.

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