Thursday, April 26, 2012



My handle is retired not tired however I feel like I on vacation.  I know I am being selfish because everything is about me and I love it.  Being with the grandchildren is about my gratification.  They provide me with hours of pleasure.  E just loves my jewellery box.  Her favourite is the crystal butterfly.  F loves my bling as well.  The boys L and E are less fascinated however my rings and watches catch their eyes.  My oldest granddaughter R who will 14 this weekend has also caught on to this fetish.

I just finished taking a long bubble bath and I finished another book.  My walks now include the library where I can get my hands on more books.  D H has a purpose for my walks as in preparing for our trip this summer however I am selfish enough to make them about me.

Even D H is all about me.  He makes my lunches and dinners.  He ensures I have time on the computer. He takes my pictures for my blog as I drag him all around the city for my selfish desires.

So I may be retired but I am treating life as a joy and am on vacation enjoying life. 

Retirement has me thriving every minute.