Thursday, April 5, 2012



One of the hardest parts of being retired has been the pay cut.  All of my cheques now come at the end of the month and they are always the same amount.  While planning for this retirement we took into consideration that our spending habits would have to change.

We started early on to look for ways to ensure a happy and healthy retirement with less money.  Fortunately we have more time as we are not rushing off to a job each day.  D H and I are getting accustomed to that extra time without the extra money. The price of gas went up to $1.40 a litre so we are parking the car more.  The good new is that we are walking more.

We walk to the grocery stores, the bank and the library.  We have stopped buying books because we can get them free at the library.  We are so glad that the librarians are back to work after their 11 day strike.  We take advantage of the senior’s discount at the grocery stores as well. We have more time to prepare our meals so we don’t have to buy as many convenience foods.

All in all we are developing a much healthier lifestyle since we are no longer working. So we are thriving even with the price of gas going out of this world.  We just have to be a little more frugal so that we can keep up our travel budget.