Thursday, April 12, 2012



We are recovering from a busy Easter weekend.  We enjoyed the sunshine and getting together with our family.  D H cooked his wonderful turkey and all of the trimmings.  Sorry I can’t offer you a piece of apple pie as there is none left. I do have a few red velvet cupcakes left over. We do not have the Easter bunny at our house anymore so it was quiet and we left out the chocolate.  Good for our diets and our healthy lifestyle.

We made our first visit to see my parents after the long winter.  They live in an area where they really felt the winter weather.  They had lots of snow and ice.  This meant my Mom could not get out as often as she likes.  Dad of course is happy sitting in his comfortable chair and watching TV.  The only bad spot they had tis winter was the temperature in their apartment.  They kept losing heat and my mother caught a cold and when you are in your 80s you don’t bounce back quickly.  Otherwise they are both in fairly good health.

Mom made a list of jobs she needed done by us.  D H organized all of the pictures in her computer and set up the blogs from my daughter, my son-in-law and myself.  He also repaired a table.  I was lucky enough to share a paraffin wax treatment on my hands with my mother.  If you ever get the chance to have one it is wonderful.  The hot wax is put on your hands and you wait for it to cool down.  It helps with sore fingers and moisturizes well. We also helped put together a new chair for my Dad.  We had a wonderful visit.

I also had lunch out with 2 of my retired friends. It is wonderful that we have kept in touch as so many work place friendship seem to end when someone leaves work.  We have a lot in common as we are grandmothers to young children. We all still active and our involved in our communities. It was a great visit.

We are thriving and we are not missing work.  I don’t think I could do so much if I was working.  It has been great being able to reacquaint ourselves with friends and family.  The benefit of being retired as we take time to reflect and look forward.