Saturday, April 28, 2012



This is the time of the week where I tell you has satisfied I am as a retired and not working person.


I want this post is a happier post than last week.  Everyone is on the mend.  Hopefully the Get Well cards helped.  We need some down weeks to appreciate the good things in life.

I had to satisfaction of visiting with E and F this week.  It will be a challenge when they are not so close to us. E stayed over night last Saturday so Mommy could go to Aunt C’s birthday party.  We then went to brunch with all of the girls to celebrate Aunt C’s birthday as well. Unfortunately F is still too young to sleep over. F can now say “Hi” and wave her hand.  She gets the biggest toothy smile when she does it.  Thank you girls for making grammy smile a little more.

I also had lunch with the last 3 surviving members of the “Friendship Group”.  The group started when The United Church formed the UCW 50 years ago.  These ladies were part of that original group.  The group moved from St Stephen’s United Church to Riverdale United and then back into the homes of the members.  The group has put on many fundraisers such as bazaars, teas, fashion shows and card parties.  To me they were my support group when my mother retired to winter in the South.  My mother has known these ladies for the same 50 years.  i am amazed at the bonds that have been formed.  It takes work to stay together and we ill get together in the fall.

D H is still getting me in shape for our big cruise in July (see the countdown clock). We took advantage of the great weather on Wednesday and took a 2 and half hour walk.  We also are taking more uphill and downhill walks since Norway is full of mountains. Speaking of our trip we have been commenting on the Holland America Roll Call about this cruise. We are meeting people a head of time.

I am satisfied with my week and I hope was just as good or better.

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  1. Keep it up and you will be in excellent shape for the cruise. How exciting!