Tuesday, April 3, 2012



Although we have completed our last trip we are always planning for the next one. Our most successful trips have taken lots of research.  This week D H and I are going to 2 travel shows, one by Denure Tours and the other is Jerry Van Dyke Tours.  We enjoy these shows because we get to meet lots of other travellers.  They share their good times and bad times. We also get a glimpse of different itineraries.

Besides the travel shows we also use the internet which has become a valuable resource as you bloggers already know.  One of our best sites has been cruise critic.com because of course cruising is our first option. When we are not cruising we love car trips mainly because we dislike flying.

From our countdown calendar you can that we only have 98 days to plan this trip.  D H has been researching Boston as we will be there for 3 days before we get on the ship.  He tried contacting the Boston information centre for sightseeing in their city.  They want us to pay $10 plus shipping charges for this information.  Their website is also very lax.  So I am asking my blog readers if they have information about Boston.  If you do could you send it to my email address: judy.retirednottired@gmail.com. Of course you can also leave a comment.

Today we were talking to a friend who gave us some great advice for Boston.  He had just returned from a visit with his wife.  He said the Hop on Hop off buses and the transit system were amazing.  He also mention that the drivers were extremely friendly and provided them with restaurant ideas as well as sights that were free.

We would greatly appreciate hearing from you.  Also if you information about other places we should visit please let us know.