Wednesday, November 14, 2012



Pondering with a Purpose - Killing Time


This Week's prompt: Killing time

"This killing time.. is killing me."

Is that true for you too? Do you spend a lot time wasted just trying to make the time go by faster? Or do you  kill time when you should be doing other things?

Thanks to Brenda for hosting another thought provoking pondering. This is an interesting topic because so many people say they wouldn’t know what to do with themselves when they retire. I am going to tell how you can retire and not miss work.

First off a job should not be your life. There is more to living than a job. It is important to prioritize. Of course I am fortunate that D H is also retired. He had a head start. O f course he was worried that I would ruin the routine he had made for himself. Of course I just fit right in.

I have always had hobbies which has made it easier to settle because I can work on my knitting and crocheting throughout the day. I am also a big reader and have incorporated my walks into visits to the library to pick up books that I have not read. I get my exercise and save money as well.

Our health is very important to us because from witnessing others of the same age we know that without your health you limit your options. We watch our diet and take walks throughout our neighbourhood. We actually limit the use of our car and can walk to 4 grocery stores as well as the post office and 2 major malls.

We love to travel and are actually going to be cruising for 70 days next year. if aren’t actually travelling we are planning our travels. We also spend a lot of time with our family. Having grandchildren keeps us young and some what up to date.

I have seen examples of people who retire and can not adapt. Unfortunately they did not make plans for themselves. They got so used to their work routine that they sat and twirled their hands. Having a plan works.

As my title says “I am retired but I am not tired yet”