Tuesday, November 27, 2012



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Too Soon for Christmas?

Let me start by saying I love Christmas! I love to bake for Christmas and I enjoy getting together with friends and family. I love singing carols and watching movies that were made in Black and White.

Our outside lights were actually up early as D H took advantage of the mild weather to put them up however we did not light them up until after the Santa Claus parade. The lights are on a time so they come on at approximately 5 pm and turn off at 11 pm. Our outside display has gotten smaller and smaller over the years.

Our outside displays really took off in 1989 when on a visit to Michigan we found a Santa on a stick. I paid $10 and D H carried all around the little street fair we had discovered by accident. This led to many stick decorations. We also have a hedge all around our front yard and there were always lights on it. I also found a set of lights that formed a 6 foot Christmas tree. And then there were the lights on the veranda as well as the wooden candles in the front window.

Now we only put lights on the veranda and Santa is now in a wooden sleigh pulled by a wooden reindeer. In years past my sister said that Santa would never have a problem finding our house because we were the beacon on the street.

I have 18 Rubbermaid boxes of Christmas decorations and every room in my house has decorations. I have scaled back considerably and don’t use all of the decorations anymore. We have several nativity sets including one in porcelain bisque from Avon as well as rubber set for the children to play with. We also have a nutcracker collection with a nutcracker that came from Germany in the 1940s.

I am also in to trains and do a village. However since I am not having company for Christmas dinner this year and only our Open House I won’t use everything.

Did I mention I do like Christmas?