Thursday, November 1, 2012




Think on Thursday

Pondering with a Purpose – displacement


This Week's prompt: Devastation or displacement

I have to say that I have been very fortunate. I have not had to suffer a major catastrophe at any time. I have never been in an earthquake, tsunami, tornado or hurricane. Other than a car accident I have never made a claim on my insurance.  The worst storm we have had was in 1998 when the mayor called in the army to remove the snow from Toronto.

I was working in a retail environment at the time. My home life was fine however I had to get to work because the commercial powers to be insisted that the malls stay open. I was able to walk to work which is good because the transit system was in poor shape and the roads to get my car there were worse. When I got to the store some people were there. They weren’t shopping for anything they just wanted to socialize and gossip.

For Hurricane Sandy we took the warnings seriously and put away our garden furniture and made sure we had batteries in our flashlights and in the radio. We have gas appliances so we know we would have hot water as well as be able to cook our food.  We were lucky and other than a poor night sleep we are okay.

I wish all those who have suffered a disaster the strength to rebuild.