Tuesday, November 20, 2012



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The topic is: Pro? or No?

Today’s topic is a heavy discussion on choices about abortion. Pro-life of Pro-choice?

I have no personal experience to draw on so I made be in left field on this topic. I believe that women should be the ones to make the choice not men. Of course a doctor should be involved once the choice is made.

Should a child be brought into this world who may not survive to adulthood and be self-sufficient?Should we make the choice because it is too expensive to raise the child? Personally I have met some remarkable young people who should have never been born because of their birth defects. I have worked with mentally handicapped children and got great joy when they were successful. I have seen children with cerebral palsy  who have learned to walk and talk and be productive in society.

One of my favourite stories is “Flowers for Algernon”. It is a story of a young man who achieves greatness because of medical science. Where would he have been if he had never been born?

Of course I believe in destiny and fate so I think everyone should have their chance however that is my choice. What is yours?