Thursday, March 21, 2013



Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose – hosted by Brenda


Today's prompt is: Watch

I have to tell you this working with words with double meanings has become quite interesting to me.... the way different people think about a word tells a lot about a person!

The first thing to come to mind was wearing a watch. I actually have a collection of watches and wear them as a piece of jewellry. I have some very old watches starting with the first watch I was given for Grade 8 graduation. I also have my mother-in-law’s ring. They no longer work however I have them as keepsakes.

The most interesting watch I have is a cameo ring watch that I brought home from Switzerland 41 years ago. I couldn’t decide on a watch or a ring so when i found this I thought it was the solution. My mother actually had it for the longest time and gave it back to me when she moved into the retirement home. Unfortunately her arthritis makes it impossible to wear it.

Most of my watches cost less than $15. When the battery runs out I get a new watch and donate the old ones to Goodwill. I can’t read the watches because the numbers are so small but they look gorgeous.

I am also a big television watcher. I watch TV and knit or crochet at the same time. The faster the show, the more I get done. With so many babies to knit and crochet for I am glad that TV is improving. “Dancing with the Stars” is back and I love “Chopped”, “Top Chef Canada” as well as all of the “CSI’s”.

I am also a people watcher. I am always curious about people especially the little ones. The babies always catch my eye.

I am writing this at 4 am so now I am going to watch the inside of my eye lids for a while and get some sleep.

Have a great day!