Thursday, March 28, 2013



I am joining Brenda again this week to Ponder with a Purpose. Each week we think about a word and all of its meanings.

Today's prompt is: Bill

The first thought to come to mind is a man’s name. Bill is short for William in most cases. I have known several Bills in my many years. D H worked with one. I went to school with another.

I also thought of a bird’s beak. It is also called a bill.

Finally I think of a dollar bill. of course my grandchildren may never see a dollar bill since we now use coins for one and two dollars. Is money even going to be part of their lives because even now the penny is out of circulation? Do you remember penny candy? There was a variety store called “Hadfields”. It was at the top of my street. One of my earliest memories was going with my Dad while he bought cigarettes. There was a wall of candy and most of them were for a penny. I got 3 blackballs for a penny. When I got my allowance I would visit Haddie.  My sister P would help me spend it. She, of course saved her money and ate my candy.

Of course another money drain are the bills we pay every month. The gas, electric, water and credit card. They seem endless. They don’t go away when you retire. Fortunately laughter fits the bill.