Tuesday, March 5, 2013



Tuesday March 5th 2013

"Snog, Marry, or Throw off A Cliff?"

A fun little fantasy game to play using your favourite (or most hated) male or female actors, characters, rock stars.....whatever.   Choose one for each category and briefly explain why they are in that category.  (for those  not versed in "Brit Speak" -- Snog is kiss.   Keep it clean folks ;)

I would love to snog Clark Gable. Even though he has long since left us he was one of the first actors I loved to watch.

I would love to have been married to Paul Newman although I might have been a little antsy with all of his wild activities such as race car driving. He had a good heart.

Would it be acceptable to throw Bruce Willis off of a cliff? I really hate his “Die Hard” movies.

Thanks Les for this week’s topic.