Friday, April 25, 2014



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We have survived another busy week. We celebrated C’s birthday  and  Easter with a family dinner on Monday. D H cooked C’s favourite meal of pork souvlaki and she had shoe cupcakes for dessert.

We have met our new doctor. I think we will fit well. We will have another appointment with her. We collected our charts from our previous doctor. Here is to staying healthy and happy.

My biggest challenge this week was finding out about our new prices for stamps. Apparently the postal service where my mother lives would not accept the cards she had to mail because she did have enough postage on the envelopes. I went to our local post office and was told there is a grace period until the end of the month. I did purchase stamps to make up the price difference and ironically I mailed them to my mother.

The postal service is pricing itself out of the market. Who wants to spend $1 to mail a letter or a card? My cards themselves cost less than a dollar.

We have finally agreed to use Home Depot or our insulation job. Now we have to coordinate Hydro and other facilities to get the work started. Hopefully it will be completed before we leave for Charleston at the end of May.

Another busy weekend ahead. We have a birthday party, a school reunion as well as a dance and a concert to attend. There is no rest for the wicked so we must have been very bad. It is all fun though.

Enjoy your weekend!

This week’s co-host is Beth Ann from It’s just life

The statements:

  1. I love to cruise except when I have to fix up the house.
  2.   I can’t get to sleep when I have a lot on my mind.
  3. I used to love going to work but now I enjoy being retired more. 
  4. I If I could I would do dancing all day.


  1. What are shoe cupcakes?
    I hate changing doctors. I have to meet a new one next month.
    You are very busy. I cannot wait to retire!
    Have a great week.

  2. I cannot wait for your #3 to happen to me - I think - maybe :D

  3. I don't even know what the price of a stamp is. We buy the forever stamps so I don't pay attention to the individual cost. But I do hear they keep going up. I was kind of wondering about the shoe cupcakes too. Hope you are having a wickedly good weekend.

  4. This might seem silly, but it makes me happy that you enjoy your retirement. Not everyone is like that. I makes me happy that you enjoyed working as well. It's just nice that you enjoy the moments you find yourself in.