Tuesday, April 29, 2014



Time out for Mom

Tuesday April 29th/14

Are you good at Small Talk?  Awkward Silences?  

What are your tips on how to be a good Conversationalist?

I am joining Les at Time out for Mom at her Tuesday Coffee Chat. In answering her questions I have to say I am good at small talk. I don’t usually have too many awkward silences and I love talking to people every where.

A case in point was on Sunday afternoon.  D H and I attended a concert with our daughter C and son in law P. We took the subway to reach the concert hall. It was very crowded as people were going to a baseball game as well as a parade. This leads to many questions and of course I asked them. I sat beside a beautiful young lady who was wearing a gorgeous sari. She was going to the parade to celebrate the beginning of the Sikh religion. She would be one of 85,000 attending.

On the way home the subway was standing room only. Again it was crowded. This time a group of young men shared their joie de vive with us. There was also a young baby to keep us occupied. Of course C used her cell phone to play games and ignore her embarrassing mother.

One of the wonderful aspects of travelling is the chance to meet new people. We can share our love of cruising as well as our love of dancing and card playing. 

There is always a place to start the conversation and it just keeps on going. I have learned to ask questions that require an explanation. Don’t ask questions that can have a yes or no answer because then the conversation dies out.