Tuesday, April 15, 2014



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I am joining my 2 favourite bloggers today – Everyday Rurality (thanks Patrice and Wendall) and Les at Time Out for Mom.


  1. What are you doing for Easter? We are celebrating our daughter C’s birthday. She wants pork souvlaki and has shoe shaped cupcakes.
  2. How many spring flowers have you noticed the last week or so? Not many and today they are buried under 5 cm of snow. There have been a few snow drops and lots of shoots.
  3. What was your favorite thing in an Easter basket, or as dessert at Easter dinner? It has to be chocolate.
  4. If you were a dog, what kind would you be? I am not a dog person however I would like to be a huskie. They are slim and trim and hardworking animals.
  5. What are your favorite pizza toppings? Chicken and broccoli.


Tuesday, April15th/14

Tell me about a time someone made a completely wrong assumption about you. 
(And did you totally throat punch them?)

There have been many occasions when someone has made a wrong assumption about me. The first one to come to mind took place many years ago. I had just started to sell Avon and attended a sales meeting. Avon was very formal at the time and expected their reps to look well put together. I went to the meeting dressed up with my hair done and my makeup on. I was called to the front by the manager. I was introduced and she listed my accomplishments. I had a goal at the time to be the best so I was flattered.

The other ladies at the meeting thought I was too good for them and that I was stuck up. After several meetings their concept changed. I offered wonderful advice and complimented the others on their work. Once they understood my goals we became good friends.

I gave up selling Avon 14 years ago however I have many of the friends I made back then. How you look on the outside is not what is on the inside.

The other incident that came to mind was a lesson i learned from my Grandmother. I was young and made the comment that a  woman should not wear white shoes with black stockings.  At that point my grandmother suggested that those might be the only shoes she had. I never looked at people wearing shoes or other clothing in the same light.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for sharing in my blog.