Tuesday, May 1, 2012



Plan! Plan! Plan! We are in the planning stages for the summer.  D H and I anxious to get going.  We have our trip to see H’s family in less than 3 weeks.  Their pool is open and their air conditioning is on. They have been wearing shorts and no coats for several weeks. Of course we still have 3 different coats on the hooks.  The mornings are cool, the afternoons are warmer and of course the raincoat is getting a work out.  I am not complaining as the garden is starting to look amazing.

Everyday we check the roll call on the Maasdam to review what our fellow cruisers are doing. Everyone is sharing their excitement and can hardly wait to meet up.  D H and I looking at the tours and opportunities for fun in each Port of Call.  Fortunately most ports are walk able and lots of information can be downloaded from the internet. (What did we do before?)

D H got his new camera so come back to the blog to see some of his pictures.