Tuesday, February 5, 2013




So, Good Day and welcome to Coffee Chat!
Thanks to all who continue to join me each week.    If you got any chat suggestions, do send them along.   I'll make ya co-host.   You'll be famous.
Not really.

The Last Song:  If there was only one song that you could listen to for the rest of your days; or, it was the Last Song you'd ever hear:  What Song Would You Play?  (Now, I don't mean song played at your funeral - that's kind of morbid for a chat -- let's stick with happy thoughts songs.)

This is not an easy topic this week. As far as songs go I am all over the map. D H has over 600 albums in his collection. He has over 200 CDs and then there are songs he has downloaded on the MP3 player. Because we dance we love songs from most genres.

When I was young I loved the songs my parents had. They were dancers so there was a lot of big band music. Glenn Miller was my favourite. He did “Don’t sit under the Apple Tree”, “In the Mood”, and “String of Pearls”

They were also rural dwellers so Country music was alive and well. Hank William’s “Your Cheatin’ Heart”, Patsy Cline’s “Can’t help falling in love”.

Unfortunately my father did not like the Beatles so needless to say I was married before I really listened to their songs. Dad was more into Elvis Presley and Tony Bennett. We heard a lot of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr as well as Dean Martin.

I probably couldn’t tell you about many of today’s songs since I listen to a Jazz radio station in the car. We also have the pre-recorded songs when we travel far and away.

My personal favourites are Bobby Darren, Judy Garland and Michael Buble.

Music is a great Mood Enhancer!