Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Since this is the month of love, tell me who is the Most Romantic Character?   It can be literary, film, in a song.....you decide.   Just convince me he/she is the one.

Welcome to another edition of Coffee Chat with Rory.


"The Most Romantic Character... Ever?"
In a book, a film, a TV show, a song.....who's The One that carries you away?

I fell in love with Clark Cable as a young girl. I thought he was so handsome. He had big ears like my Dad and he was a man of few words. I loved “Gone with the Wind” and thought Rhett should have gotten the other girl instead of Scarlett.

My next love was Paul Newman. He got to be known as the silver senior and grew old beautifully. The first date  with hubby was to see the movie “Cool Hand Luke”.

Unfortunately as I grew older I watched less and less movies so I have very few new favourites. I still like Richard Geere and of course Gary Sines.

The romantic man in my life now is D H. I don’t need a movie hero when I have one in real life.