Thursday, April 4, 2013



Pondering with a Purpose - Sign

Today's prompt is: Sign

The first thought to come to mind is “What sign are you?” That used to be a conversation starter many years ago. Is it still? I am a Pisces through and through. I am a dreamer of dreams and a wisher of wishes. In the Chinese horoscope I am a Water Dragon. Last year was the year of the Dragon and since I turned 60 and the water dragon is only around once every 60 years I was very lucky.

I often used to say that I signed my life away. It was usually on cheques to pay the bills. You don’t even have to sign the Mastercard anymore since the computer age and the chip came in. Does anyone even write cheques these days?

I also see rainbows and think of them as signs of goodness. I took a job once because the building had rainbows every day from a glass ceiling. It was just a prism effect but it made very happy to go to work.

There is also a song “Signs, signs everywhere are signs”. Don’t ask me who sang it but it was catchy. I suppose I could find the answer on the internet but I’ll leave that up to anyone who reads this.

I will sign off now and look forward to your pondering in the future. Thank you Brenda for showing us the way.