Thursday, April 11, 2013



Pondering with a Purpose - Light or Lite

Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose – by Brenda Youngerman

I am joining Brenda as we ponder words with double meanings. I love the challenge. It is like word association and we get to look at the world together.

Today we look at light or lite.

Light brightens our lives. There is sunlight, daylight,moonlight, stop lights and light bulbs. There is light and fluffy like whipped cream and cotton candy. Light-hearted, light footed, light weight, and light load.

There is red light, green light and caution light as well as night light and candle light. You light up my life and are the light of my life.

These days there are lite snacks as well as lite foods. I know I have missed a lot of light so if you can think of anymore let me know.