Thursday, April 18, 2013



Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose – hosted by Brenda Youngerman



Today's prompt is: Twist


Can we put a twist on this post? Of course I can dance the “Twist”. I learned this dance by watching television. One of the original singers, Chubby Checker, demonstrated how to do this dance. He said you start by pretending to grind a cigarette with your foot and then you rub yourself dry with a towel around your back. Since this was a dance we danced often we have actually won several twist contests.

I loved twist donuts. They had a wonderful sugar glaze on them. Where are they now?

I don’t drink anymore however we used to get a twist of lemon on the side of a gin and tonic.

I fell in love with my husband while playing a game of “Twister”. This game is still around however I can no longer get down and hold those positions anymore. My children do though. Will my grandchildren ever play it?

If I spend a lot of time on my knitting and crocheting I can get twisted up as well.

Can you think of any other twists?