Tuesday, April 23, 2013



Joining Les for Tuesday Coffee Chat

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

What Was, or What's to Be?:   If you had the choice of going back in the past to a specific time in history, OR, if you could travel ahead into the future (you are coming back to present, don't worry) --- which would you choose?

I have often started a conversation with “If you could go back 20 years what would you have done differently?” This lets people tell you about themselves as well as give a glimpse into their lives.

In our case if hubby had been able to quit school instead of getting a useless BA in forestry would we be in a better place. If we had not had 3 children in 2 1/2 years would we be in a better place.

Would my hubby have made a great teacher? Would we have more money if we did not have children? Would we have travelled more? Would we have a big house with 4 bedrooms, walk-in closets and a pool in the backyard?

We will never know. Our future now is planning for our wonderful cruises that are coming up this year. We have 5 wonderful grandchildren and number 6 should arrive any day now. Yes we live in a 6 room closet however it is big enough for the 2 of us to keep clean and maintain.

We have made our lives work and have love and laughter to keep us well. So I guess in answer to the question – It is good to look back but looking to the future holds wonderful opportunities and hopefully a lot of joy.