Thursday, May 2, 2013



Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose –by Brenda Youngerman

Today's prompt is: Handle

I can handle writing this blog because I can handle everything. I have a handle on the ways and means of being retired. I can handle knitting and crocheting baby outfits and blankets for all the newborns this year. I can handle my swimming exercise lessons even though the instructor pushes us to work harder.

I can handle letting my husband be in charge of the finances because he can plan the most awesome trips. I can even handle him winning at “hand and Foot” because he lets me try and try again to beat him.

I can handle the requests made by my granddaughters and be there for them while their Mommy looks after the baby. I can handle their requests to go to the playground and watch them slide and swing in the park.

I have handles on my kitchen cabinets that have fruit on them. I have old fashioned door handles on our other doors in keeping with the period they were installed.

I don’t give handles to people. They are who they are and don’t need handles attached to them. I hope everyone can handle what life throws at them with love and laughter. Thanks for pondering and hope you have a handle on your day too.