Tuesday, May 21, 2013



Random Thoughts.  Now is your chance to just say whatever is on your mind.  

Again I am joining Les at Time out for Mom.

The official summer has begun in  Canada. We started with the first long weekend and can hardly wait for the rest of the summer. It promises to be very busy at our house.

This weekend we bought a new couch for the living room. It will be delivered on Friday however since Tuesday (today) is garbage day we took the old one out to the curb to be picked up. We will probably rearrange the space since the new couch is smaller.

DH is also getting the backyard ready. He planted some plants, repaired the deck and even painted it. The BBQ needs some fixing so that is next.

Monday, the bonus day was Family Day. We spent the afternoon and early evening with daughter-in-law M and grandchildren E,F and T. E took Aunt C and Grampy on an adventure to the muddy stream where G got pictures of flowers. We had a lovely dinner on the patio and dessert of cherry cheesecake.

T let everyone hold him and enjoy his presence. E and F showed off their new van especially the trunk space. F is glad to be sitting forward her car seat. She feels more grown-up now. Thanks Daddy!

We are getting ready for H and her family to arrive in June. We also have a wedding for my niece K and a 50th wedding anniversary for my Uncle C and his wife Aunt J.

Can hardly wait to enjoy this wonderful summer!