Thursday, May 9, 2013




I am pondering with Brenda today.

Today's prompt is: Skirt

A great topic because the weather finally allows me to wear skirts. I have shaved my legs and don’t have to stuff myself into pantyhose. Imagine stuffing 2 pigs in a blanket and you can see me getting into pantyhose.

I have several skirts hanging in my closet however I am more of a pant person especially since I retired. D H did say that if we travel to the Far East I would need my skirts to go to the bathroom since many facilities still have dirt floors.

I don’t want to skirt the issue of skirts vs pants. I am a pacifist so any time I can avoid a heated discussion I will definitely skirt the issue.

I will skirt along with this pondering and look forward to next week. Have a great skirt day!