Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Hodgepodge Questions


1. What question do you often ask yourself?

How did I get to be so lucky?

2. Do you grow roses? What's your favourite color of rose?  Ever been given a dozen roses?  Where was the prettiest rose or rose garden you remember seeing?

No I don’t garden however D H does. My favourite rose is yellow however I had a beautiful mauve rose called “Blue Jay” once. My mother-in-law grew a gorgeous white rose in her garden.

3. Do you read the freshness dates on grocery store products?  Will you use eggs past their 'use by' date?  Take medication that's expired? Buy a dented can?

Yes I do look for the freshness date on the label however I have used eggs as well as taken cough medicine past its date.

4. Should athletes be role models?

Not really! I don’t think they set the best examples.

5. Edmund Hillary of New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay of Nepal became the first explorers to reach the top of Mt. Everest on this date (May 29) back in 1953. What's something you hope to achieve in your lifetime?

I hope I can be accepted as a wonderful mother and grandmother.

6. What would you do if you had twenty acres of land and the money to develop it any way you choose?

I would probably build houses for everyone in my family so we could all live close together.

7. If I invite you to a party with a 7 PM start time, what time will I actually see you there?

I would probably arrive early. I hate to be late.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Since my grandson T has arrived I have been spending my Monday mornings with my daughter-in-law M and my granddaughter F. F takes gymnastics and needs an adult to help her so I look after T while Mommy helps F. Of course if T needs Mommy then I get to help F with her climbing and jumping and tumbling. After class we go to the library for a pre-school story hour which is in the adjoining building. This past Monday D H came with me to put together a patio table. He also took the dog for a walk.

On our way home we past a favourite walking area. 41 years while D H was still in school he worked on a project called Rattray Marsh. A developer had bought a lakeside property and wanted to fill in the marsh and build million dollar houses. Fortunately a conservation group stepped in. D H  worked to save this ecological site. The group couldn’t save all of it however they did save part. We have been visiting this marsh for the last 15 years. Sometimes we visit a lot and last year we didn’t have time at all.

This year our visit was wonderful. We had a beautiful sunny day and the best part is we saw some amazing wildlife. Here are some of the pictures that D H took.