Tuesday, May 28, 2013



Good day and welcome to Coffee Chat.
This will be the last Coffee Chat until the end of summer.


What is your favourite thing to do in the Great Outdoors during the summer?

I am going to start with a disclaimer “ I am not a sun person!”. Now don’t get me wrong I love the summer. I love not having to wear a coat and boots. I love the flowers in other peoples’ gardens. I love walking in the parks just not on the sunny side of the street. I love to read and catch up on the books I’ve been collecting since it can be too hot to knit or crochet.

I love the summer because my daughter H and her family have the time to come and visit. They will be here for the month of June. While they are here we will have a baby shower for my niece and celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary. This may be their last summer as my oldest granddaughter is old enough to work and wants to have a University education as well as drive a car.

I love the summer because it is easier to drive to see my parents. We can enjoy the drive without the worries of snowstorms and extremely bad weather. We can have sleepovers with our other granddaughters as well.

It is going to be a busy summer and we will culminate with a European cruise to Norway, Scotland and Ireland in August. We are travelling with our 2 favourite couples. D H will be blogging about our adventures so will have lots to talk about in September.