Friday, August 16, 2013



Day 1

Our journey began On Wednesday afternoon. We planned for traffic and found very little, so we arrived at our meeting place early. We went ahead and had our dinner as planned which was also quickly served. There was no wasting time.

We forged ahead and park the car and our luck was with as the shuttle bus was right there. We got to the airport terminal to get into the registration line which didn’t open until 6:30 pm. The line-up extended past the ropes that had been set up. Again we encountered no trouble so we made our way through security and sat around waiting for the plane to arrive.

There was no trouble boarding and the flight was smooth however we slept in spits and spurts. How does one sleep in those cramped quarters? We saw very little of the Iceland airport because our connecting flight was already boarding and was just waiting for the stragglers like us to get there.

The biggest problem was when we arrived in Amsterdam. We were tired and hungry. We faced a crowd collecting our luggage and then we had the daunting task of getting out of the airport and onto the train bound for downtown Amsterdam. The train station was crowded and we had to manoeuvre our luggage up stairs and hold them while the train rocked back and forth. No seats for us.

Our hotel is lovely. We had a wonderful walk around downtown and found an amazing restaurant where D H had a huge kettle of steamed fresh mussels. He was in heaven.

We have great plans for tomorrow however right now we need to catch up on some sleep.