Friday, October 3, 2014



Half-Past Kissin' Time    

Feeling Beachie

We had a wonderful drive down to South Carolina. We will make sure that we plan a longer time on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Driving it in one day meant we didn’t actually stop for a long time. So next time we drive it we will take 4 days and make it a real visit.

The grandchildren are doing well. Grandson E isn’t sure he likes school. He misses the fun times he had with his mother. Grandson L wants to be an astronaut this week and travel into space. Granddaughter R is looking for work and has decided babysitting would fit her schedule better. She can also get her homework done.

The cards are on the table and the game “hand and foot” has already claimed some winners and losers.

Happy Friday everyone!

This week’s co-host is ELIZABETH from SILVER’S REVIEWS – she came up with all the statements:

The statements:

    1. During the summer, I like to read on the verandah.
    2. While I like driving, I wouldn’t want to be a truck driver.
    3. Reading while I knit is something I used to do.
    4. Why would anyone want to make a war?


  1. Sounds like the grands are doing well! Enjoy your visit :)
    I'm going to have to find out more about this card game of 'hand and foot'...

  2. Sounds like a wonderful trip! Have a great weekend!

  3. I wouldn't want to be a truck driver either and at this point I am not sure I even still like driving….

  4. It sounds like you are enjoying some special time and hopefully you will also get to enjoy your travel time. Have a great weekend!

  5. I remember the days of babysitting! I find it quite amusing that I basically do the same thing on Friday and Saturday nights, that I did when I was a teenager. except, no one pays me this time around. LOL
    But it does give me the excuse to watch Disney and Pixar movies! :)