Thursday, October 2, 2014



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It is time to ponder with Brenda again. She takes a word with multiple meanings in which to ponder. Today’s word is


This word came to me as I watched the children go back to school in September. I also had a discussion with my granddaughter E about what to do at recess. This was her first year and it was a totally new experience for her. In her school she was not able to use the playground equipment and they had to stay in the field behind the school. With some brain storming we came up with balls, frisbees and the origami game. Unfortunately I suggested skipping ropes, however the school board rejected that idea because it could be a choking hazard. Did you ever hear of anyone choking on a skipping rope? It was our biggest activity when I went to school.

I am also a big fan of HGTV. I watch a lot of the renovation shows and recessed lighting is very popular.

Can you think of other recesses? If you can come ponder with us.