Tuesday, October 7, 2014



Time out for Mom

Tuesday Coffee Chat Snack time: Salty or Sweet

I am definitely a sweet person. I grew up with homemade chocolate chip cookies and butter tarts. My Dad never asked “What’s for dessert?”. He would ask “what kind of pie are we having?” I would eat leftover pie for breakfast.

D H on the other hand likes his salt. When he is dancing he needs his salt. He loves pretzels as well as flavoured water. Of course most sweet things are made with eggs so he never ate them because of his allergy to eggs.

My Dad has been falling lately. The nurse seems to think it is because his blood pressure goes so low. One way to raise his blood pressure is to increase his salt level. Now he has a bowl of cashews beside him. It has certainly helped. Luckily for him he does not have to worry about diabetes because he does love his pie.

On the other hand I am also not big on sour or spicy.

Which do you prefer?