Wednesday, October 22, 2014



It is Wednesday again and time to join Joyce for the Wednesday Hodge Podge!

1. Elizabeth Lawrence is quoted as saying, 'Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn." So have you done just that? And e picking up what did you leave undone in order to do so?

I love to watch the colours of fall. We have been driving around the city to see the colours. I would leave the laundry undone to watch the leaves turn.

2. Since we're talking turning...what's one thing you feel you're doing 'every time you turn around'?

I seem to be picking up dishes especially after our family dinner the over night.

3. How hard is it for you to 'turn the other cheek?'

I am a much calmer person these days. There are not as many opportunities to “turn the other cheek”

4. When did you last turn a drawer, your car, a room, or your entire house upside down looking for something? Did you find it?

While I was visiting my daughter my grandson misplaced my family ring. We turned the room upside down and didn’t find it however when I washed the clothes it was in the bottom of the washing machine.

5. 'One good turn deserves another'...were you most recently on the giving or receiving end of that sentiment?

My neighbour kindly looked after our house while we were away. We hope to repay her with a lunch out.

6. Red, yellow, and orange are the colors of fall. Also the colors of fruit. If you were permitted only one color of fruit in your diet, which would you choose? This question isn't as easy as it sounds, at least not for me.

I will go with yellow because I like bananas as well as pears.

The Hunt for Red October, October Sky, Halloween...which 'October' film is your favorite?

Sorry no movies here!

8. Insert your own random thought here.

This is a very busy week for me. I was home for lunch on Sunday and will not be home for lunch again until next Sunday.