Sunday, May 6, 2012



Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me
Here are FOUR QUESTIONS that everyone can answer and then you have the option to add a fifth question of your own for those who are visiting your blog to answer in the comment section, along with commenting on the four standard questions you answered!
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And now for this weeks Questions:

1. Finish this sentence - The chore that I hate most is...

Cooking! D H does the cooking in our house.  I am an open the can kind of person

2. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Our 35 day cruise on the Maasdam called the “Voyage of the Vikings”. 

My daughter H and her family are coming for 4 weeks and my niece K is getting married when we get back from our cruise.

3. Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?  How often do you shop?

We shop at our local grocery stores.  We have within walking distance.  We do one big shopping a week however since we walk every day we tend to pick up little things like milk or bread or fruit every day. We stock up when items are on sale.

4. Why do you blog?

My daughter H at got me started. I needed a place to  share my retirement stories with my friends and relatives. I know my mother reads my blog every day as I read my daughter`s and her husband`s It has been a great way of sharing pictures and keeping up with the latest news.

My 5th question this week is….

If you won the lottery what would you do with the winnings.


  1. Hey ma... you need to check before just cutting and pasting my post... you will not be tweeting for anyone unless you are way more techy than I think you are...

    If I won the lottery (which would be a miracle since I don't play) I would pay off the house, put money into college/annuities for each of the kids and then take the trips we've always wanted to take - Europe for me and the South Pacific for Wayne... plus I'd hire the maid we've both always wanted ;-)

  2. I'd hire someone to come in and make pour 1950s house 2012 handicap compatible, including decluttering and a stair climbing seat!

    Ah, but like that daughter of yous...

    Last night as I said my prayers they ended, as they always do, with that last wish, "and please, please, let me win the lottery. I promise not to let myself get out of control. PLEASE???"

    Then a crack of lightning and thunder happened just outside the window and a powerful voice echoed through the room, "Nani, work with me. You at least have to buy a ticket!" :)

  3. It's boring but I would pay off debt.