Tuesday, May 22, 2012



The best laid plans of mice and men.  D H and I were supposed to leave for our daughter H’s this morning however our tire picked up up a nail and the tire store was closed for the long weekend.  We rushed over this morning to get it fixed. We also scored a compressor to carry in the car for future problems.  Let’s hope we don’t get any.

By delaying our trip by one day we were also around to help our daughter-in-law M.  We babysat Sunday night while she played soccer.  Just as well as she had a career ending injury. She broke her right arm.  We were on hand to help with the children at least for Monday.

The advantage of being retired gives us the flexibility to change our plans. I know H was a little disappointed that we will arrive a day late however I am sure if we give her a night away so they can a good night sleep it will make up for shorter vacation.

Today we will get the house ready by cutting the grass and putting out the garbage. Then we will pack because all of the laundry is done. 

We are looking forward to trip away although we are going from hot to hotter. I hope everyone has a good day and may all of your plans work out.


  1. It is good to be able to be flexible. That is one of the things that I enjoy about being retired.

  2. We're a little disappointed but understanding... besides it gives me one more day to get the house ready before you get here...