Thursday, May 10, 2012



I have a special story to tell today.  Since D H and I have retired we have time to do more things.  One such opportunity came our way this week.

It all started with a phone call from my sister B on the weekend.  She was looking for volunteers to help her.  Her daughter P needed a replacement as she started her job on Monday.  D H and I gladly accepted this challenge.

Let me begin with the fact that May is Mental Health Month. We volunteered to attend a presentation at a secondary school with Grade 10 students.  This is Sasha’s story and how we learned more about Mental Health. The website is

The presentation was made by her parents as a way to bring awareness of the mental health issues in this world.  It includes facts as well as emotion and helps her parents keep a living memory.  They also want to prevent further heart ache to other parents.

The school also has a Stop the Stigma Campaign since mental health has been a taboo subject.  No one talks about their feelings especially when those feelings are negative.  Everyone puts on a happy face and says they are fine. One of the ways we can help overcome the stigma of mental health is by awareness and the willingness to talk about it.

By sharing in Sasha’s story we were able to help a little bit.  D H took pictures with his camera.  I was able to meet many young people and help with the distribution of materials.

Since I have retired I am not bored and I am open to many new opportunities. This is just another experience that everyone should participate in.  Volunteering is good for my mental health and so is being retired.