Saturday, May 19, 2012



In anticipation of our upcoming travels this summer D H and I went through our closets.  We were making a list of clothes we will require for our cruise. We also tried on clothes to see what still fit.  We are now going to make a donation to Good Will.  We each had a full bag.  The bad news is we do not need much in the line of new clothes and our closets are not empty.

This is the first long weekend of the summer and the weather is going to be fabulous. We are not going to a cottage so we will not need our patience for the long drive.  We can sit on our veranda and listen to the birds and read our books. We will also pack for our trip to Charleston for R’s graduation from Grade 8.  In the States this a big deal since many students never graduate from high school.  We expect that R will have many more.

E and F have returned home from visiting their other grandparents as they sold their house and will move in the summer to their new home.  We will visit with them tomorrow. Phone calls just don’t have the same appeal.

We are looking forward to seeing our grandsons L and E.  I also think their parents H and W will be looking for some babysitting.  They have both had a very trying May.  Unfortunately W’s parents were unable to make their spring jaunt down to see them.  They are also going to motor in their new Minivan and stay in Canada for about 5 weeks.  We will see lots of them.

It has been a satisfactory week all round and we look forward to more pleasure next week.  Have a good one yourselves.


  1. It sounds like you are going to have an enjoyable summer. Where are you cruising? Have a good weekend.

  2. We are cruising the North Atlantic with Holland America on a ship called the Masdam. It is called the Voyuage of the Vikings.