Saturday, May 5, 2012



This is the time when I use my blog to round up the events of the week.  Then I decide if it was satisfactory or not.  You can be judge as well.

The week started last Sunday with a visit with my daughter C and her husband P.  P gave D H an old camera so it could be traded in for the new camera.  D H got his new camera on Monday. As you have probably seen in my blogs this week D H has taken pictures every where we have been.  Check out Wordless Wednesday and Thriving Thursday for some his great work.

We have also added a new dance to our repertoire.  We can do a basic Tango Vals.  It is enough that we can dance around the floor and not shame our teachers however we would never be considered for “Dancing with the Stars”.

Our walks around the city have had 2 purposes.  One to get in shape and the other to find more pictures.  We also walk to save on gas.  We walk to the grocery store and D H carries a backpack and carry home some bags. This brings me to my most exciting part of the week.

Yesterday we were walking home with our groceries when we met a couple outside of their home. D H said Hi to the young man.  It turns out he helped renovate my son M’s house and worked with D H.  At the same time I said to his wife.  last summer she gave me a lot of books she was disposing of so I asked her if she had any  more books.  The answer of course was yes.  She went into the house and brought out a bag of books as well 2 other books.  It turns out she is WRITER.  Her name is Molly O’Keefe.  She gave ne 2 advanced copies of her new books.  When I spoke with my daughter H she had also received her books and will do a review on her blog “Acting balanced”.

This has been a most satisfactory week.  It just shows us how small the world really is. I am an avid reading and I look forward to reading more of Molly’s books.  You can also check out her website at

Just in closing here are some more of D H’s efforts this week and come back tomorrow for Sunday in the City to see more.

IMG_0147 Stitch